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New York or Bensalem

My 2 favorite spots, wish there was 2 of me so i can service u all !! Read more

I'm still here

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Hey guys, and ladies, my deepest apologies for not keep up on my website. I appreciate all of those who have subscribed, and I plan on making it up to you all month long. My travels still consist of the tri state area, but next Friday, I will be in Orlando, FL for a week. Pics and vids on the way. Thanks for your loyalty.  Read more

I'm almost back

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Hey everyone, sorry I've been so neglectful to you guys. So much has been goin on. I've recently moved to Philadelphia permanently!! I'll still be traveling as usual, mainly in the tri state areas. Once I get my laptop up n running you'll be seeing a lot more of me.  Read more

Pensacola, Mobile, Biloxi!!

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I'll be on the Gulf Coast for a week or two, how to see you.  Read more