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Pensacola, Mobile, Biloxi!!

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I'll be on the Gulf Coast for a week or two, how to see you.  Read more

Early mornings

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So I haven't been able to blog and keep you guys informed because of a crappie laptop, and now my phone. Sure would be nice to get a gift like that.....

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Orlando 4/11-4/16

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I'm finally back in Orlando, I missed you generous gentlemen out here!!! I'll also be doin outcalls all the way to St Petersburg as well. My plans are to move permanently, so you'll have the chance to eye me all the time. If u know anyone renting a studio or a 1 bedroom for cash, please let me know.  Read more


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I will no longer be doing any more short stays, pit stops, or Quickies. I don't live to feel rushed and neither should you. Let's enjoy each other's company. 

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