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My deepest apologies for keeping up on my website. There have been so many complicated issues goin on, it was impossible. I'm currently workout a laptop, but that shouldn't be for too long.  I plan on hosting special webshow on a weekly basis. 

For today, I will be in Manhattan for a few days.  Hope to see you

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A Real Schedule

Hello all!! By the end of the day, I plan to have a schedule for the next 2 months. Ill be heading towards the mid-west and last stop: CALI!!!. for those who purchased the gold VIP, I have new XXX pics for you. By tonight i hope to have a nice 3 min video for you all!!

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Good morning gentlemen!! I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to wean out the fakes and the game players. So I came with this: IF U CALL TO SET AN APPOINTMENT, AND U KNOW U HAVE NO INTENTION TO DO SO, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!!! So upsetting that it has come down to this, but I feel its necessary. Ill be in Allentown til Friday, hope to see you!!!

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Im currently heading to the Gulf area in Biloxi MS. Enjoying this beautiful weather while it last. Cant wait to meet you gentlemen!

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